GLA:D® BACK: The Latest Approach to Lower Back Pain

GLA:D® Hip & Knee Osteoarthritis Program at Botanic Health Services

In November, Donny took a trip to Sydney to complete his training in a course newly introduced to Australia called GLA:D® BACK.

Some of you might recognise this as having a similar name to the GLA:D® Hip & Knee Osteoarthritis program. This is because it is a similarly run program, however, has a focus on persistent or recurrent lower back pain and can be delivered by physiotherapists and chiropractors.

The content of the GLA:D® BACK course is based on the best available research and knowledge for back pain treatment, is informed by recommendations covered in national and international guidelines, and is developed in collaboration with researchers, patients and therapists


What does GLA:D® BACK entail?

  • An initial 1:1 assessment where we determine your starting level and discuss your goals.
  • 2 group education sessions about the back, pain, and what you can do to help your back.
  • 16 guided group exercise classes, twice per week for 8 weeks and a final 1:1 visit where we test how much you have improved and discuss your ongoing plan.
  • Our team gathering information from you to learn more about back pain and how to make it better.


BHS is very lucky to have Donny delivering this program as he is one of the few health professionals in South Australia with this qualification currently.

If you think you may be eligible for this program or would like to find out more information, book in an initial assessment with Donny to get started.