How To Pick Your Shoes

Podiatry at Botanic Health Services with Nicholas Sopru

A Podiatrist’s Guide To Footwear


Podiatrists are highly knowledgeable in selecting the correct footwear based on individual needs, concerns, or activities. While treating the muscles and biomechanics of the foot is important, it is often what we wear on our feet that will make the biggest impact. So, how do you pick the right shoe? Dale recommends a few things to consider.


Heel Profile

If you push the heel of the shoe with your fingers it shouldn’t bend. This is important as it will control your rearfoot and help to stabilise your foot.



Take your favourite shoe and push the toe and heel together. Does it bend in half? Could you ring it out like a towel? So many shoes are far too flexible! A shoe should bend where your foot bends at the toes and nowhere else.



Shoes need to be able to be secured to the foot.



Ensure your shoes are professionally fitted as shoe companies may vary in fit.


Stability, rigidity, and grip become even more vital for people with reduced balance.


Shoes are one of the things in life that you should invest in as you get what you pay for. I love Kmart as much as the next person but it’s not where you should be shopping for footwear. And finally, comfort is key when selecting your shoes!


If you need any footwear recommendations, whether that be for assisting with pain or choosing the correct footwear for your favourite sport, Dale is your go-to!