Long Distance Running Tips for Beginners

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Some tips and tricks for beginner runners, no matter whether you’re training for general health and fitness or an upcoming race like TRSA’s Five Peaks Event.


Start low and slow

Don’t let your ego take over. In order to build your aerobic base, you need to start running slow (a pace you can maintain a conversation – even sentence by sentence).


Gradually increase your distance and intensity

A general rule of thumb is to not increase your overall distance for the week by more than 10%. This will help to prevent injury and overexertion too quickly.


Strength training is crucial to help prevent injuries

Just like any sport, strength training is important to help with overall stability and endurance of the muscles to make you generally more efficient and reduce the likelihood of injuries!


Rest and nutrition are vital

Rest days and adequate sleep will allow your body enough time to recover in order to get the most out of your training. As well, adequate nutrition and hydration will properly fuel your training and help with recovery.

Don’t be disheartened

It takes time and consistency to notice improvement! Stick with it and gradually little things will become easier.


Exercise Physiologists like myself can assist with designing strength and conditioning programs to ensure you are giving your body the best opportunity to perform at its best, as well as running programs individualised to your goals and needs.

You can select the ‘Book Now‘ button if you would like to explore how we can improve your running and strength, otherwise best of luck with your running journey!